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There are a number of location options available at The True Rock Venue. The hosts are able to select the venue that suits their taste, budget and number of guests. 


ocation Options


Of the various locations available at The True Rock Venue, Eden can accommodate the most guests, 80 - 120, and is in the heart if the bush. Guests will walk through the amazing gardens before settling into their church bench seats where the bushveld will provide a serene backdrop as the Nyalas roam around.

hapel Of Shalom

This picturesque venue captures the essence of a small and intimate gathering. Shalom has classic fold-up wooden seats with a stage in the center and the most beautiful rose bushes surrounding the exterior. This venue can accommodate up to 50 guests- just enough seats for your absolute nearest and dearest friends and family.

he Stetson

This venue houses an industrial feel without compromising the feel of nature; the trees and green plants soften the concrete tables and brick flooring. This venue contains its own braai and serving area, stage, boma and cash bar. Functions are held between the thorn trees and this venue can accommodate up to 70 guests.

aradiso Reception Area

The reception area can accommodate up to 120 guests. It is an open plan hall with round tables, each seating 8-10 guests, with white chairs. This area has its own dance floor, boma area, cash bar facilities, play area for the children, washroom facilities and the industrial kitchen and clean up area are close by.

The High Noon Saloon area, which consists of a large pool with a lounging area, a fully stocked cash bar upon request and a "kuier" area- this is the perfect perfect place to be on a hot day.

igh Noon Saloon
roverbs Conference Area

The True Rock Venue also houses a conference centre ideal for Training Courses, Conferences, Workshops, Team Building, Business Meetings, and so much more. The area accommodates approximately 30 guests which ensures that groups are small enough to receive individual attention yet large enough to suit your function needs. Accommodation is available and guests are free to make use of the venue facilities for the duration of the conference.

he Gardens & Bushveld

The breathtaking gardens ought to be an attraction on their own. With all kinds of trees, plants and flowers, these gardens have become a home to all sorts of birds, little animals and insects. These gardens create the perfect photo opportunities, no matter the season as all the elements have been strategically selected so bloom during different times of the year.

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